Friday, May 6, 2011

and so it starts. A beginning to an end

I am going to sit for my final exam in two days...well, a day, considering that it has past midnight.

this also marks the final exam finals that I am going to take.

Sedih pulak. I bet after this I will miss the environment of studying late at night with your friends, collecting notes and got them checked just in case you missed one that is important, the exam hall that is super sejuk nak mampus that you're going to freeze if you forgot to bring a sweater (happened to me twice, and I almost thought I was actually gonna freeze! terketar-ketar satu badan!), and don't forget those midnight snacks, it seemed that studying just made you hungrier than the usual. I'm sure gonna miss the reaction before and after exam. Before exam they will all be reciting and memorising, muka ketat je semua. Nak cakap pun taknak sebab takut hilang apa yang dibaca. After the exam, everyone seemed to have this relieved expression, but when you asked how was it, the normal reply would be like 'abis la aku weh, sem depan kena repeat/repair paper!', 'teruk giler weh, aku tak ingat apa yang aku baca!', 'tak cukup masa nak tulis weh. tangan aku dah beku dah', 'ntah la, tak tau la amende yang aku tulis,'...and a variety more. Hardly I received replies like 'ok la, tapi tak tau la betul ke tak,' or 'takde la susah sangat. Alhamdulillah aku ingat apa yang aku baca'. Afraid of being labelled overconfidence? Perhaps. I for one think it shows a positive attitude and confidence. kalau betul rasa macam tu tak salah kalau jawab macam tu. haha.

Student's life. I'm definitely going to miss you. Especially the free time I have, which I'm sure will not have much of them after this. Teringat pulak apa yang aku, dila, fenny and atiah cakap time lunch tadi: 'nanti benda yang kita ada sekarang akan jadi benda yang kita takde dan sesuatu yang kita nak, and benda yang kita nak tapi takde sekarang akan jadi benda yang kita sentiasa ada'. Faham tak? haha...simply put, bagi contoh duit and masa. Sekarang kita selalu pikir pasal tak cukup duit nak beli itu ini tapi ada banyak masa sampai tak tahu nak buat apa. Tapi lepas ni, kita dah boleh dapat and buat duit sendiri tapi kita akan selalu nak balik masa yang dulu kita ada'

Yup, that is life right. It's like taking turns. Sama la macam bila kita nak hujan, hari pulak panas terik. Tapi bila hari panas terik, teringin pulak nak hujan datang. It's better to accept what's coming and try not to whine and complain to much. There's always a silver lining. (note to self too. jangan banyak complain! hee)

-nanti la cakap pasal benda lain. Need the perfect mood.- ;)

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