Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloodstained Teddybear

The facts of the case:

There is this sweet couple. Loving and beautiful to look at. They've together for quite a long time. Everyday, the boy will give to her girlfriend a small teddybear. And the girl accepts it everytime with a smile. At that is the routine right from the first day. He never failed to give her everyday. Soon, the girl begins to question of his love for her. If he does sincerely loves her, why he never once says out the three magic words? Why he never said 'I love you'? It's not so hard to do. The sweetest thing that he ever did is the teddybear presents, which is already so many in her room. Then, one day, she decided to ask him the question. At the bus stop, she asked, "Why didn't you ever tell me that you love me? Since the first day we couple, you never once utter the word. I can't stop wondering because it makes me feel that I'm not the one for you and that you are not appreciating me as much as I appreciate and loves you,". The boy didn't answer her, but only gave her the teddybear that he have been giving for months. A bigger one this time. The girl, angry of not having her questioned answer threw it and it fell on the road. The boy was stunned, but he didn't say a word. He went to pick it, but unfortunately he didn't see a car coming fast, which knocked him down. Before he died, he managed to hand the teddybear to his dearest girlfriend. As the day passed, the girl felt truly lonely. She missed him so much. One day, she looked at the stack of teddybears he gave. She picked one and hugged it tight. As she hugged it, she heard "I love you". The girl stunned and look at the teddybear she had in her hands. She went to get the rest of them and hugged it tight... i love you ilove you i love you....and each one of it released out the word that she longed to hear from him. Finally, she took the bigger one, the one covered in bloodstains, the last one that he gave and pressed it hard..."My dearest, today marks a year of our relationship. And I have never been happier and blissful than I've ever been in my life. You bring out the best in me and brings along wonderful colours to my life. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me. I love you darling girl, always and forever. As the words ended, she sat on her bed, crying her tears out, while her hands still etched on the teddybear.

Motive??? most of us relied too much on those three words in order to prove to someone that they are special. It is as though it is compulsory in ever occassion to say out those words. And it is as though a breach of the law of love if it is never expressly uttered. It is as though that those words determines all, whether you truly love the person or not. But I think, it is what we do together that matters most. We are focussing on how to create the most beautiful words to express our love that we neglect the big picture. We tried to be like Shakespeare when in reality we often forget about their favourites, their special dates, their dislikes.

I'm no love guru, or Love doctor and I'm far from being a successful lover. But I believe action speaks louder than words. It applies to all things. Sure, everyone can write down beautiful words, wonderful poetries...but talk is cheap. It is the conduct, the act and the concern that we received that illustrates their love for us. It is from their actions that we can see how much they care, concern and value us for being a part of their lives. Explanation for this is difficult, but we can definitely see it.

And, don't ask too much. and don't be selfish. Tolerance is what determines a relationship. We cannot expect it will go through the way we want. It doesn't mean that if our friend's lover texted every morning and every night, we too have to follow. Don't be influenced and don't ask for too much. We kept thinking of how unlucky for not having a romantic lover because he or she seldom test or wrote poetries or sing a song for us. What we don't see is that how they willing to wait for us for hours so they can eat together with us, how they willing to get wet in the rain because there's not much space for two in an umbrella, how they are willing to go to and fro from our place to send food and medications because we are too ill to go out, and how they are willing to put the effort in making a memorable surprise birthday or buy us things that we've wanted. A simple random act of them can defeat a thousand words written by the world's best love author. It defines and explains everything. Of how much they love us, and how much they want us to be their husband or wife. Instead of saying it, they show it to us.

So, appreciate everything that they do, even if it seems to be a small matter to our eyes. Be grateful of having a person who loves you like or perhaps more that life itself. Accept who they are, regardless of how weird or ordinary they might be. Because it is highly likely that their differences and weirdness is the reason to why we love them.



Anonymous said...

kesimpulannya; love is about action not word


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Adila Ady said...

ending dia buatla laki tu idup balik...sad ending je.mane best.