Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last night I helped my little brother with his homework. Well, I was more watching him than helping him actually.As he was doing it with a forced face (because he wanted to watch the television), I sat next to him, with my headphones, watching Glee from my laptop. And of course, it distracted him, and he got lazier than before in getting his homework done.

He had 3 homeworks last night; maths, agama and BM. To me, that seems to be very little and can be done in less than one hour. Duh, since you were looking at a 10 year-old homework instead of your law assignments. My brother got lazier when it came to the last homework, because he had to copy back the essay draft to make it a complete essay format. As he wrote lazily, he said "kenapalah susah sangat homework ni? Apa la cikgu ni suruh orang salin balik semua,".

I smiled as I heard his whining. Apart from him looking and sounding so cute, it reminded me that was the same sort of dialogue I used to say when I was in school. I used to grumble and complained of teachers being so mean for giving us so many homeworks. Especially my maths teachers, who often gave us tonnes of calculations to be solved. Maybe that's why my maths isn't good enough, because I often complained about maths teachers than other teachers. At that time, I thought how nice would it be to not go to school anymore. No more teachers, no more assemblies, no more uniforms, just freedom! I thought at that time nothing sucks more than going to school.

My school badge...cantik tak?? hehe

I was a nerd back then. Probably still am a nerd. I was a librarian and a treasurer, and my mother's a teacher there. She even taught my class BM, so you can imagine how it was like to have your mother as a strict teacher. And I was a choir singer, and that was one of my sweetest memory. I wasn't so active in secondary school liek I used to when I was in primary school, where I was a scout and joined many camping activities and met many friends. The one very exciting thing I had was when I got selected to go to Japan under a student exchange programme.

Now that I left school and doing my degree, I started to realise how great school was. We have less the care in the world. We went to school sent by parents or by bus, and spent around7-8 hours there and go back home. We just have to study. Compared to now, everything is to be done by ourselves. And our studies doesn't stop when the lectures stop. We have to do further research for our assignments and tutorials, and tests and exams. Compared to school, we have to divide our study time with other activities. And we have so much opportunities to spend with our friends. I really miss school, and the teachers there, and how I wished I could turn back time to be there again.

So when I heard my brother said that, I smiled. One, because I thought about it the same way he did and it was proved wrong. Two, how he will react the same way I did when he is in my situation later on. At that time, I would probably be smiling seeing him whining over his assignments while I am busy with cases to be settled.

My beloved school...SM Convent Ipoh... Love you forever...

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