Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know what I did Today

It feels so good to be able to go online. It reduces the boredom that is already existing inside of me. Everyday is the same routine; wake up, shower, eat, watch tv, pick up brother from school, and the same thought 'what i want to do today' in between every events.

Tomorrow, my aunt and I will be going back to Ipoh. Hopefully my laptop is fully fixed. And also hopefully the streamyx wireless at home is fixed. Need to download some forms for the one month practical. I hope everything goes smooth just as planned.

So today, apart from having sudden flu, in which i have been sneezing continuously since morning, we went shopping around KL!!! I enjoyed shopping, despite knowing the things that I have my eyes on hardly belongs to me at the end of the day. But today, I didn't really enjoyed it, mainly because of the flu. I slept in the car, and woke up still sneezing, which eventually caused my eyes to turn red and slighly swollen, giving me the look as though I have cried buckets of tears. And I hate throughout the time we walk around the city, because of its hot weather, dust everywhere, and yes, the flu.

Still, at the end of the day, it was a successful shopping. I got all that I planned to buy. We went to the textile shop first. Bought two black and white cloths. Planned to make a long dress out of the. Hopefully it can be done before I go to Sabah. Then, we explore Jalan TAR and bought some English Cotton cloths there. I bought one, since it was reasonably priced. Now that I have one, at least I don't have to worry much about what design to choose for Raya. LOL...too early to think about Raya right? Puasa pun tak habis ganti lagi, dah semangat nak kain buat baju raya...=p. We stopped by a cendol stall before we hit Sogo. And as all Malaysians have known, Sogo is one place where everyday is a sales day. Everytime we go there, there is always a sale. Dearest mother and aunts favourite place and a must to visit. As for me, being a vibrant and enthusiastic and charming teenager, I prefer places like KLCC, Mid Valley, One Utama, etc...i just like to go window shopping there. And visit Kinokuniya!!!!!! And watch movies!!!!! And hang out with my friends!!!

Anyway, in Sogo, i managed to get myself a new handbag!!!! Weeeee!!!!! Well, it's dearest mother who told me to go look for a new bag. A second bag for me to use during practical, according to her, because it seems that the bag that I have right now is not practicable or suitable enough to bring to my practial. Since it was on sale for 50%, i don't see the reason I should decline or restrain myself from having that bag...hehe....

At night, we watched Citrawarna. It was marvellous, colourful, energetic most of all, the feeling of peace, harmony and united. If only in reality we all have such spirit in our everyday life. No crisis, no blaming one another, no fighting, no racial conflicts, the world will be less painful.

p/s: looking forward to dye my hair. Burgundy is the colour!!!!! Can't wait!!!

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