Friday, May 21, 2010

snatch thieves go to hell!

it's been long since i last updated. For one reason is I don't have interesting ideas to write. Another reason is because the wireless Streamyx in my house got damaged due to lightning. For a moment I thought of stealing the lightning bolt, in the hopes that I can get to meet Zeus...until i realized i'm no Percy Jackson or any half blood!

Anyway, now that I'm in Kajang, my aunt's house, the wireless here is good, so now I have the opportunity to go online. I checked my facebook account, blogwalking, check my emails, downloading songs and videos and some other fun stuff you can do on the internet and not on tv.

Many things happen during the last couple of weeks. The biggest ever was what happened right in front of my house. My aunt became a victim of snatch thieves!!!!! The nerve of those jerks!!!!! It happened when the sun is right above the head..2 pm or so...and she was taking garbage outside...and all of a sudden two teenager arrived from nowhere in their red motorcycle and tried to snatch her necklace. And she didn't just give up, she fought them. But unfortunately, they managed to get the necklace. At that time, I was there, and I felt like such a loser and a no good for unable to get the necklace back. I felt like I was so weak and unable to do anything to prevent it from happening. I felt so depressed for the entire week, and until now I still feel guilty. If only i have more strength and be there earlier, all of this would've happened. I curse that two snatch thieves!!! I don't care what reason you have to do such disgusting act, it is just wrong to do that. There are so many other ways to make money, but becoming a snatch thief is not on the list.

There's nothing much to do during the holidays. Most of my friends are either working or somewhere across the ocean in some foreign countries. I thought of going to the movies but apparently there's not many interesting movies to watch, although I have my eyes on Robin Hood, the Bounty Hunter, IP Man and Shrek...i thought of watching Shrek with my little brother but it seems that my mother will disapprove because he'll be sitting for his exams next week.

I'm also counting the days to go for my practical in Sabah. And I have to say I'm more than nervous than excited. Excitement is there, because I get to travel as well as 'working' but at the same time I'm nervous. I just hope I won't be a big bother to my friend because I'll be staying with her and her family for the whole month. And oh! My siblings will be coming home from Egypt soon!!!! I miss them sooooo!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!! Hope everything goes well.

p/s: I'm dyeing my hair burgundy!!! surprisingly, instead of not letting me to, dearest mom is supporting enough...hehe...


Adila Ady said...

burgundy...?haha..mesti lawa tu walaupun aku tatau burgundy tu ape.

tp kan nasib baik jugak ur aunt berani jugak beliau melawan kan.

lily said...

burgundy tu mcm purple-maroon gelap skit..hehe...xtau plak Shurah ada jual hair dye...hehe..

tu la...sengal peragut tu. Ak rasa cm nk sumpah je diorg...huhu