Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Just Me

This is concerning something that happened a few days ago....

While reading and memorising notes for the exam, I received a call from dearest mom. Had a short conversation with her. She told me about my cousin received offer to continue her studies, about my siblings coming home by end of June, Insya Allah, and on my granny and aunt coming to Ipoh from Swak in June. It was a good conversation, at least I didn't feel as tensed as I was before. Then we talked about girls stuff...and she mentioned about a purple bag at the mall while she went shopping. Though she knows I adore purple, she didn't buy it...huhu...BUt that's not the point. The point is when she asked;

"What Brand do you favour?"

And I stunned, giving no precise answer to her question. A simple and direct one, but one that I don't have answers to. Perhaps I didn't bother to think about it until she asked. Perhaps all this while the brand is not of utmost importance for me in purchasing something.

Tempting huh? I admit, I like and enjoy looking at all these. But instead of having the intention to have it for my own, I normally act kinda nonchalantly. Most of the time I'll be saying to myself "It's just a shoe, only that it's more expensive and designed by famous people. That's why it's popular,". I don't know. Am I the only one acting and having this sort of thinking???

Perhaps it was the upringing or the external influences I received while growing up. All my life, I enjoyed wearing comfy sandals instead of pretty high heels. I prefer Bata to Voir or Vincci. Maybe because I learnt since I was small that what matters is comfort and utility. No use of buying if you don't like how you look in them. It's not worth the pain and price to wear 4 inch high heels shoes which will soon land inside the shoe closet and never to be worn again. Plus, I don't have the dollars in purchasing all such items. And even if I do, I find myself more attracted spending those money buying books or classical music Cds.

But who knows right? I'm writing this from the viewpoint of a university student, who depends on her parents and PTPTN. Perhaps when I work later, I might be one of those shopaholics getting in a fight for a pair of Chanel Boots of a Prada Bag...

p/s: no offence for the fashion lovers. It's just an opinion from a nobody.

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ARC™ said...

its good that u realize that. PTPTN is for studies and not to be spent on leisure. =)