Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Journey from the North

My legs are hurting...

So do my hands...

Like it's been pulled...strained...and I had to move them slowly...

It is as though I've completed the longest marathon ever.

When in fact...

It was all thanks to Tasik Dayang Bunting and Cable Car in Langkawi..

My friends and I just returned from a 3 days 2 nights stay from the legendary island. And it was one fun and memorable moments and experiences we had. We got to stay in a chalet by the Pantai Chenang seaside, and watching the picturesque view of the sunset was such a tranquil feeling. All the stress and mood swings and frustrations that we had vanished. And we had such fun playing with little seashells and watched them dig and hid themselves in the sand before the waves come and washed them away. We also went to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Pulau Beras Basah and went to watch eagle-feeding. Those eagles were magnificent!! And I took a dip at the Tasik. But getting there was a challenge, since it was a long way to go. Not to mention monkey attack. Luckily we didn't bring along any food. The water was refreshing, but due to my lack of skill in swimming (blame it on myself for not been training for a very long time), I didn't spend much time in it. At Pulau Beras Basah, we looked for seashells and played with the superbly soft-white sand.
We also went to ride the Cable Car. I enjoyed the ride, because I can see almost every part from the Island from up there. We thought it would be a simple journey to the bridge...dead wrong! It was one challenge. And due to lack of stamina and exercises, we woke up the next day with our legs and hands feeling cramped! Well, the hands were probably due to the swim.

To a friend of mine, cik miemi, who set foot on the island for the first time, it is indeed an interesting and unforgettable days for her. We bought so many chocolates for the first day, but most of them were eaten up by us and we went for a second trip to the same store on out last day there. Sampai orang kat situ tu pun buat muka pelik..ntah-ntah ni yang dia pikir..."diorang buat apa lagi kat sini? Bukan baru je ke datang?"...haha..well, we aint going to miss the chance to buy international chocolates with such affordable prices...when else will we be coming back here?

We rented a car to commute, so it gives us an extra challenge and adventure! The car...(Nissan Sentra ye...)liked to play tricks on us. Everyday, it will give us a hard time to unlock the door. And there was one time, the gearstick somehow got stuck! It couldn't be moved at all. And it was at night when that happened, so imagine how we 5 young, cute ladies felt at the time? Haha... And not forgetting the random roads and junction we spontaneously took because we were not so sure of the way to our destination. I don't know how many u-turns we had to make because of missing the right junction or taking the wrong way..hehe...But at least the signboards help...Kudos and cheers to cik zahid for being such a competent driver!!!

But the thing that I don't really like is the food. Expensive!!!!! Sangat tak puas hati nasi campur yang lauk biasa boleh sampai harga RM8.50! And perhaps due to the costly price, we hardly finished the food feeling full and satisfied. The weird thing is, I felt full just by eating High 5 bread with Tuna Spread for breakfast. Hmm....I guess it is the price that made the difference.

And oh...I had a most embarrassing moment in my life while staying there!! Just the thought of it makes my face turned beetroot red!!!! Argh!!!!!

The journey was wonderful. And I feel grateful that our plan for this trip has been fulfilled. =) Tomorrow, I'll be heading home, but instead of taking a ferry and be a passenger, I'll be taking my Saga car and have a 4 hour drive to Ipoh.

p/s: no pictures yet. later, if I feel like it...heh..

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