Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Image

We've just arrived back from Kuching. Currently staying in Kajang; my aunt's house. Tomorrow will be the day we send off my brother and my sister to egypt. (sedih!)

I'd like to talk about this particular taxi driver whom I think doesn't deserve to be serving the tourist and the people who arrived at the airport. Why? He is dreadfully rude!!!!! And boastful too, for reasons God only knows what.

We took two taxi. And my parents and siblings were in that man's taxi. Upon walking to the taxi, his disrespectfulness has already being shown. he just stood there doing nothing but just looking at my father and my brother carrying all those heavy bags and put it inside his car boot. Hello! It's your job to help us with those. Tau la kitorang ni Malaysian jer, but still he showed us a really bad first impression! Not just that, siap marah2 kitorg lagi. I don't know what he stuff he puts in his boot, it looks like a tong gas (ntah..x amik kisah pn sbnrnyer), then one of our bags accidentally hit the bloody tong gas. Dia boleh marah..cakap 'wuih..nnti boleh meletup keta ni'..bengong!!! dh tau org balik dr airport bawak bag besar gedabak jgn la letak bnda yg ntah pape kt dlm bonet..

then it gets more annoying. He asked 'nk ke mana ni?' We said kajang prima. Then he sighed and said 'eh, saya tak tau tmpt tu. susah la cmni'.. A taxi driver saying such things? Bengong! if u don't know then go ask people lar. That's the function of a mulut. Jgn la pkai mulut nk marah2 merungut that time my father dh geram sangat so he did the best thing ever..diam jer..or in a more rude word..buat bodo.. not just that the driver is the most reckless driver!!! drive keta mcm drive keta dlm game..laju x hengat! roller coaster pn boleh tabik kot..The taxi driver asked him the dad just ckp 'tak tau' (when in fact he knows the road well..haha!! rasakan!!) In the end, he entered the wrong way and had to use a long way before finally reaching the right destination. And as usual, he didn't even got out of the taxi to help us carry out those bags. i think so far, he's the most disgraceful and rudest taxi driver eva!

And the sad part is..he's no other people than a malay. And wearing serban!!! U know when we see a man with serban we assumed that he is well mannered and kind hearted fellow. That is the general perception of the public. But this, is an embarrassment! He ruined the image of a person of religious, considerate and kind. He pretended to be a person of that image when he actually is not closer to the character of a person wearing serban.

This situation makes one thing clear. Never judge a person by appearance. Sometimes, a person may look good on the outside but it was another different story on the inside. Also, first impression is not everything. It is not the final key of a decision. Like going for an interview. Anyone can dress the best, with the necktie and the coat and all those colour matching accessories (sampai ada yg mengalahkan org kahwin), but in the end, it is our own performance that determines everything. It is the way we communicate, the way we answer questions and the way we convince the boss that we are the ideal choice. So, the lesson for this story is...never judge anyone based on physical appearance per se. And, if u see any taxi driver with a serban at LCCT...don't take the taxi..he might be the same person that we bullied...hahaha!


Cik Dila said...

baru pas gado ngn bini tu..haha

mieZa taiB said...

gilak ah pemandu taxi tue..

ishh..nseb ko crita..

nda maw la nek taxi pcik tu..huhu..