Tuesday, September 15, 2009

do you think so?

If you love somebody, there is nothing happier than to see the beautiful smile on their faces knowing that they are having wonderful and happy moments of their life. But how can we know if the person is happy and blissful?

To those fortunate and lucky souls out there who have found their dearest person, it is quite easy to tell, and considering that they always keep in touch with each other. The least they are able to do if they cannot see each other everyday is making a phone call or at least a simple yet caring text message; to show that they are remembered and cared for. (ceh, cam jiwang semacam jer!)

Nevertheless, there are some who are not so lucky. Why? Well, probably because they are still putting hopes and faith on the person whom they adore to feel the same way as they do. Perhaps these individuals are not so lucky to be involved to a person who doesn’t share the same feeling. It can come from various reasons. Maybe the person they love hates them instead of liking, maybe the person they love belongs to someone else, and there are also a situation where the person they love is no longer around (this is up to your interpretations on the meaning of ‘no longer around’). It is a hurtful emotion to bear with. I know because I’ve been in the situation where the cupid is not really on my side.

But what can we do? Emotion is not something we can force people to have. We can force a person to laugh, cry, sleep and even eat but to love is rather impossible. Of course, for some people who like the person so much (a.k.a obsessed) will try their best to impress and create the attention. Some will act the way that they know the person likes, some often send things regardless of how costly it is and some are really brave that they really show the person that they like them, despite the fact that they are aware that what they do is either not replied or ignored. So, just like the phrase written earlier. If we adore and love a person, nothing is happier than to see them happy.

It doesn’t mean that we have to be with him/her just to make them happy. It’s enough to see from far that they are valuing their life and living it to the fullest. Of course, it is sad for not having the chance to share the happiness together but that is not a big matter. If the person belongs to someone else, as long as they are happy with it, we can be happy too. If the person is no longer around, their memories and their image will make us happy just by thinking of it. If the person hates instead of liking, let them be. At least we are on the winning side because nothing good hardly comes from hating people. Perhaps we can be with them y being a really good and supporting friend. A friend is an important person already. There are some things that only a friend can understand regardless of how small those little things are. So, since we are unable to share what we want to with the person we love why not we share the certain little things that they want to share. Who knows, maybe this simple act of kindness and care will give a handsome reward in future.


Anonymous said...

oh dear...its reali a touching post out....im alwiz wit u...

mieZa taiB said...

macik..hehe..isu smlm eh..

tak lm g ko blaki la tu..hua3..weh sowila ayt nda btapis ne..

jgn mara ya..

aq ada laki..tp dorg byk bini..slalu tglkn aq sorg2..aq cool ja..hua3..

adiaz said...

jez: thank u..i'm wif u too...jga si dia baik2..heh heh..;P
miemi: weh..ak xnk kawen la..ak tulis ni pn x bindng ngan apa2 yg pernah dibincangkkn..hehe