Tuesday, September 22, 2009

to my two beloved ones

Time flies really fast. My siblings and I have reached the period of adolescence now. I myself cannot believe that I am already 21 (dah boleh mengundi tu…tapi x dftar lg..bonda bising suda..huhu..)

Soon, lil bro and lil sis are going to go far away. When I say soon, it’s really soon. Next week! Yup, my baby brother and baby sister are going abroad, for nothing else but to study. They both are going to Egypt to study medic. Both are keen in this field and wish to become a medical practitioner one day. Insya Allah.

It’s not that I don’t like them going. In fact, I am very happy for them. I am beyond proud. Well, that’s the reward you get for studying hard. I’m not an industrious student back in my school days, that’s why my results are only satisfactory. And that is why too, I cannot go abroad to study. Now that they receive the chance, I see it in a way that they helped me to realize my dream, despite that it is not what they are doing and despite that they don’t know this deep down additional feeling of mine. At least they make a better example for our youngest sibling since I failed to be the best example for them.

Deep down, I am worried and bereaved. You will feel the same when the siblings we see almost everyday and every time we came home will never be there again for a period of time. And 6 years is no short time. Furthermore, they hardly have been away from family for a long time. And if they did, they have the chance to come home at least once a month or once a week. So, of course I will miss them terribly. Everyone will feel the same.

One thing I hope they bear in mind is that to do their very best over there. Don’t ever take studying abroad for granted and never treat it as a vacation until and unless the examinations and the semesters are over. Remember that it is not easy especially for our parents to send the both of you there. I hope both can take care of each other while they are there and don’t ever lose trust on each other. No matter how close a friend or a lover can be, nothing beats the family bond, regardless of how bad or good the family is. When you have problems, turn to nothing but Allah SWT and you shall find the best solution. And when you’ve receive the degree in medic, return back to where you belong; to your motherland. Serve the best to your religion, your people and your country and especially to family.

My prayers are always with you. Love you two very much...

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