Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I will try my best for you

I just found out something that to me is unexpected. I didn't have any clue about this. And this has really made me think and appreciate with what that has been given.

My previous post I wrote about my uncertain feeling and dilemma about my future profession. What will I do as my career? Will I do well if I decided to be fully involved in the legal profession? Most of all, will I be regretful of the decision that I'm gonna have to decide?

Then, one day my father told me something that he never told me or any of my siblings before.

"mula-mula ayah sik mok jadi cikgu. Cikgu ni bukan cita-cita asal,tapi ayah dpt cikgu,"
"laa..yeke? kitak mok jadi apa dolok?"
"ayah mok jadi peguam"

That was my father's ambition. A lawyer. My father wanted to be a lawyer, or at least a member of the justice system. He wanted to be in a profession that I used to hate and yet I got it. When I heard about it, I was dumbfounded. It strucked me really hard (tersentap la...). Little did I know that my father would've wished to be in a position I am in if he was given the opportunity. But luck wasn't on his side. Nevertheless, he succeeded in what he is doing right now. He is a wonderful secondary and a tution teacher. He even received 'guru cemerlang' award for his efficiency, commitment and hard work.

It became an eye opener for me. I am considered lucky for being given the opportunity by Allah to be able to study in law, a professional course. A course which enables me to be involved in many things that can benefit the environment and the society. Of course, I couldn't get what I wanted, but at least the second chance I received is far better than never. It doesn't matter what we receive, the most important thing is we make great use and take every golden opportunity that it offers to make it as best as possible.

So, now I no longer worry as much as I worried before. Yes, there are still doubts in myself of my own capability in pursuing law, but taking my father as the best example, I must do and make use the opportunity that I have to be the best as I possibly can. Perhaps my true calling will appear by itself, and when that happens, I know what I have to do next is just to step forward without looking back anymore.

I will try my best to fulfill the dream and ambition that my father was unable to achieve...

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