Sunday, October 4, 2009

Somethng to Ponder

How is it that people can be so nonchalant about some things? They prefer to take it lightly than to do the very best to reach the best result, since they know that that is the responsibility they have to take.

I see many people who acted like that. And this gets worse when it involves people and society. Hello, pls realise that you have a commitment as soon as you've decided to make something or to organize something for the society. So don't just do like it's not a big deal! Move those lazy fat ass of yours! BUatla keje elok2..if there's any problems or changes on the event pls alert and inform those involved. The least u can do is text a message. (bkn mahal pn). In the end, instead of you, other people have to bear the cause and the embarrassment. Don't u ever give any thought or any damn about that?? I really wish you can feel how those people feel. Maybe then it will open your damn eyes..

Sometimes, I tried to be like one of them. You know, not take some things seriously. But I can't. Because I think that it will make other people suffer, and I don't want that to happen to me too if ever the tables have turned. We are not living alone. We live in a society where we depend on each other. So, respect is important regardless of what they stand in the public eye. So as consideration, thoughtfulness and sympathy to those who are unfortunate. When I realisec I failed to be one, I started thinking, am I the one who is the problematic one? Or is it the people are not being conscious enough about how people feel?

I cannot put my finger on it. Is life always this complicated??..I cannot be sure. In fact, maybe I can never be sure...

p/s: had my first battle of the band today...and hell i enjoyed it...although it's not the best we can do. Note that this is related with the post

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