Sunday, November 28, 2010


i'm having a love-hate relationship with my civil procedure subject.

i hate it for being so complicated, but i have to give attention to it as it gives an influence on my result this semester.

One part of me said 'padan muka, sapa suruh baca last minute!'
But another part of me, the bigger part i think said that regardless if i started a week or two weeks early, i'm going to have the same situation. that's just how my mind works. unlike evidence or jurisprudence where u can read the notes and create your own words to make it more understanding and easier to remember for the exams, civil procedure is all about procedure. you miss one step, the whole thing is wrong or unacceptable...coz that's not the way it works in practice.

At least evidence or jurisprudence u can goreng-goreng your answers as long as the message is there...
My mind never felt tired and heavy like this before. I had to stop and rest or I might spontaneously shout my heart out or just pass out in the room i kinda understand what it means when people say they have 'mind fatigue'!

So now, to sort of rest or cool down my brain from accepting too much load, I'm writing this post while listening to some sentimental music...josh groban, enya, and whatever songs I have in my laptop. Thought of listening to classical music that I have, but they sound sad and gloomy, not suitable enough. And I'll be watching some Shin Chan or My Wife and Kids to make me laugh....hope it helps to lessen the tense....haha....

I don't really care about doing excellent for this paper right now, all I want is to get this damn paper over and I can go out and watch movies and splurge with my friends right after it ends!

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