Tuesday, November 23, 2010

exam banjir unstoppable

had 3 exams consecutively...
what a great way to welcome the exam month
needless to say that i am not fully satisfied with my answers
a normal expression from someone who studied last minute...hehe

keadaan ni slalu terjadi: soalan mcm pernah baca tapi tak ingat yang mana satu. Time tu mula la geram and marah kat didri sendiri sebab baca last minute. At the end of exam, mcm menyesal pulak and mula pikir 'kalau aku baca lebih awal sikit, mesti boleh jawab'

anyways, the three days dont just past without nothing...some interesting events occurred...which I dont know whether to consider it as a blessing or a challenge...(cobaan...!)

-it started with nervous and total unprepared-for-exam feeling. while waiting to enter the exam hall, received news that i had a flat tyre! Didint know about it at all..and i drove 3 km from college to campus with a flat tyre at my front passenger seat! hahaha.... Got distracted of course, and after the exam ended, I was so rushing to check on my car that I left all my notes! Tengah bingung nak pikir camne nak repair tayar...then suddenly help appeared! Two foreign students saw us sturggling to change the flat tyre and offered to help. Bless them!!! Felt so thankful indeed. kalau tak mau berjam-jam kitorang kat situ nak tunggu tuakr tayar...perempuan katakan...tak sama kekuatan dgn laki...huhu....after it was done, I straight away went to the nearest workshop and have the tyre fixed and mended. To the two guys...I didnt get to know your name and didnt get to repay you, but i will remember you for your kindness and sincerity to help. Allah je la yang boleh balas jasa korg berdua! =)

-Nothing interesting happened here. Only that the questions that came out are rather unexpected! frust jugak time jawab exam. lepas tu mula la buat kiraan congak tengok brapa byk markah hilang....huhu...sumpah gaya orang pasrah...haha...the day ended with nothing interesting or unexpected happened. But I got kinda paranoid after the flat tyre incident, that I checked all tyres before driving.

-perhaps the exam where I crapped on my answer sheet the most! Hello, its jurisprudence. And I know it's an interesting subject, but considering I just gone through 2 law papers; evidence and professional practice, the effect is not doing good for my memory. Despite reading many time, I cant seem to make the point stick in my memory for at least until the end of the exam. But I tried to soothe my feeling, saying to myself that it is jurisprudence, that there is no one definite answer...hahahaha...(another 'pasrah' expression). After the exam, we decided to go catch Harry Potter movie (yeah, I havent watch it yet!) but then the cinema has not released the movie until this coming thursday...whaaa??!!) abut i still want to go out, at elast out from the uum and changlun territory. Plus I have things to buy, so we headed to Jitra. Had KFC for lunch and spontaneously decided to watch 'Unstoppable'. In my opinion, that movie was worth my RM10...hehe...ok la tu. Takde la boring sampai aku tertido ternganga dalam panggung wayang...lol!). We drove back to college after shopping for food and other necessary items. On the way, it started to rain. I already guessed that, seeing the sky was gloomy. But what I didnt realise was that as we were about to reach college, we had to stop. Why? Road closed due to flood! Air bertakung sampai paras lutut!!! It seemed that it has been raining for like 4 hours in uum and changlun area. (ingatkan hujan kt jitra sebab fenny nyanyi...lol!) So we patah balik and went to campus instead. Punya la risau tak dapt balik kolej, sampai plan nak bermalam kt uni inn...dlm hati masing2 risau sebab tak cukup moolah! huhuhu....after an hour or so, we decided to drive back, hoping that the road is cleared. Alhamdulillah, jalan boleh lalu, and we reached college safely. Experience yang challenging sangat.

Now, there's 3 more papers left before the declaration of independance can be made. Hope I wont screw up the remaining paper as I screwed the previous three!

sekarang ni tengah pening kepala sebab kena hujan. Banyak lagi nak cerita sebenarnya, tapi tulis sampai sini je la. Ni pun dah panjang, tak larat nanti nak baca... Lol!

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