Saturday, November 27, 2010

civil procedure mcm chipsmore.

civil procedure is no joke people!
it is one hell of one complicated flow of procedures...and i just dont get it why they have to be that lengthy and complicated....
anakonda berlingkar pun tak secomplicated mcm procedure ni...
really gets me on my nerves...u know why?
because everytime i'm done with one step, and moving to the next one, i have the thought that i got the former locked safely in my memory box...
it managed to escape itself right after i divert my attention to the second and upcoming a cheeky little invisible mouse!
and i have to read them all over again...only to find out in the end that it is back to square one.
doesn't really make sense, i know
but what the heck.
i'm writing this down anyway, just to keep my eyes awake...gotta really squeeze everything inside by force, because tomorrow's the paper!
just as i thought i'm gonna do this paper better to cover up the previous three that i screwed up badly.
Guess this paper's going to be in that category too!
there goes my intention of doing my masters abroad...huhuhu...(picturing UK or US as I'm writing this down... ='(
oh well, what to do
ini je la yang boleh aku cakap: dah tak ada rezeki nak pergi belajar oversea...
sumpah statement pasrah!

p/s: why chipsmore? chipsmore kan sekejap ada, sekejap takde. Civil procedure ni pun lebih kurang la...sekejap ingat, sekejap lupa...or should i say; sekejap ingat, terus lupa!

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