Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Otak dah tepu

This is sooooo wrong! Girl, you have a test. What are you doing typing all these???? Go back! shut the laptop! Go read those loads and hard-to-understand-because-the-writing-is-so-bad notes of yours!!!!

OMG…I just realized that I’m so tied up with assignments pending that need to be completed upon submitting. This is just another same situation, same lesson of do not procrastinate and yet I’m ignoring them all. Well, serves u right! padan muka kena wat banyak keje. Instead of doing my revision for my final exam (ceh..poyo je) I have to finish up all assignments and projects. The target: at least complete three assignments before saturday. Ok, roll on your sleeves…time to get to work!

Assignments not supposed to be pending and yet they are thanks to my laziness:

-Public International Law (UN Independence over the Veto powers)

-Equity (specific performance)

-Land Law (case review). Thanks for making it more complicated by not having any facts of the case written on it. I just L.O.V.E to do some extra work.

-Family Law (MUST get that video done and MUST do it as creative as we can). This is the time where our hidden talent of acting and directing is exposed. We can’t help being humble but talented… (hahaha…poyo siot)

-Administrative Law (tutorials). If you want some bonus marks, then those must be done.

And the best thing is, all must be submitted next week!! Boy am I going to have a fun weekend this week stuffing my head with knowledge and business. At least it’s an inch experience of what I’m going to have to face when I start to work in future. Last but not least, I just wanna say this to myself; good luck with all those work! It’ll definitely do you good! And for once in your lifetime, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE IN FUTURE

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mieZa taiB said...

al da besh ya..hehehhe..

ne semua cobaan anak2..