Sunday, October 11, 2009

should i?

recently, i have been thinking of doing something that i haven't done in a long time. I guess i kind of miss it. It brings back all reminiscence of yesterdays whenever i thought about this. I thought of doing it again now, but i'm not sure whether it is a good idea.

i miss writing. Writing here as in writing a story. Any story at all. Writing has been my interest since a long tim
e ago. When this interest came, I can write anything that comes to mind; funny, love, mystery, friendship, and sometimes poetry. I remembered when I was in high school. I wrote a story that i gave my friends to read it. It took 5 exercise books to complete the story. Although it's embarrassing to let people read, but it's a satisfaction to see that they enjoy reading it. Throughout my highschool, I've written 3 stories. But the other two I didn't let anyone read it as I think it's too ridiculous to be read. When I'm bored, I read them myself and add some more when I have the idea of continuing it. There was once where my father accidentally read one of my self-declared novel (hehe!) and he suggested it to be published. I said NO WAY!!! It's too much a big step to have it published. I'm not that daring to have my story to be read by public. Argh!

Now, I have that crave of writing again, but the problem is that the interest is not as strong as what I used to have before. Whenever I write and I read it all, I don't have the idea or the crave to continue it. I guess that it has been such a long time and perhaps I've disposed that interest of mine under my conscious. Well, just like people say, as we get older, we are turning into another person day by day that we have forgotten who we were once and the things that we used to do that makes us happy doesn't seem to work its magic on us anymore. Regardless, I refuse to ignore this intention of mine. At least it'll be a therapy for me and who knows I may have the courage to make it published! (ceh! berangan lebih!)


Cik Dila said...

lihat daripada cara penulisan kau dalam blog ni pun aku dah bleh agak karyA2 kau tu memang akan laku dipasaran.. a samad said kedua malaysia mungkin..sape tau!

Siapa bilang menulis itu tidak Carma (cari makan)? Saya sendiri ditawar ribuan ringgit untuk menulis lima baris puisi. Kemudian ditawar lagi berbelas ribu, hanya dengan memasukkan perkataan ini, Satu Malaysia. Tetapi, saya menolak (lantas dewan bergemuruh dengan tepukan). – SN A.Samad Said

adiaz said...

wah..dila..terharunya ak mendengar ko mensupport ak..*sob sob* (menangis terharu)

thanks ye utk kata2 semangat ko...insya allah kalo ak dh publish bku ak bg ko satu copy free! heh heh...=P