Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Success!! that is one of the many thousands of words that I can describe on our presentation today. Remember the post that I wrote about us going from one bridal shop to one bridal shop to make this assignment? Well, today is the presentation.

It was a satisfying and a job well done by all of us. We won't be able to make the presentation as this if it weren't for the support and cooperation from all members... Yay to all of you!

During the making, it was a tiring and stressful journey. We had to cope with many things; financially, mentally, sometimes the weather was not friendly to help us in doing this project and there were many times where technology too is jealous of seeing us accomplishing the project. Yet, we managed to do it. And it was far beyond my expectation. I won't say we could've done better if we were given more time, no, because this is the BEST result of all our perseverence, patience, cooperation, enthusiasm and hardwork.

So far, this is the assignment that I enjoyed the most throughout my 2 years in uni. We can say anything that we want from this experience, but I only have one thing to say. Working is much better when we do it out of enjoyment, spontaneous, and consideration. Indeed, it requires hard work, but we should welcome the hard work as a friend and not as a burden. Only then we won't be stressful and too much tension. Perfection is not the big matter here because when we combine it all up, the result is as perfect as it can be.

Kudos and congratulations to all members of family law for this success of ours!! It was a very memorable assignment. =)

p/s: to miemi, zahid, atiah, za, dila, dayat, amal, ila and the only ladybug among the flowers, ijai