Sunday, October 4, 2009

I demand an explanation

i just dont get it... my uni, hereinafter referred to uu, as far as i'm concerned is one filthy rich uni. Heck, we have an animal farm, our own grand-prix track(ceh!), a huge multi purpose gym(which hardly opens now) and even a big, green and lonely golf course, but they can't seem to fix one small water problem???

man, it was really difficult for us, especially when we have morning classes. Imagine 4 blocks have no water and we have to go up and down to the other block just to get a shower and other things related. It's a nuisance, and a waste of time, considering that we have to rush before the bathrooms are full with other students who go there for the same intention. And since we are all girls, you can just understand how girls take their showers. It can take up to 30 minutes...(these are facts).

of course i want to complain about this. We have our rights! Regardless of how busy the uu staffs a
re, the problem must be taken seriously. I don't think repairing what's broken at the water tank (rumah air in BM) can take as much cost as it takes to build a golf course. Water is essential la wei...they look like they are ignorant and less considerate on this. Sure, there's a convocation going on, and that's the reason why there is water problem (yeah right!) but don't just focus on one event and neglected the others. Trying so hard to impress the visitors when your students are facing problems. Is that a good management for a uni?????

I just don't get it!!!!! I demand an explanation...


Cik Dila said...

jom antar komplen kat berita harian.apa mereka kita ni sampah ke ape...?

mieZa taiB said...

ya btul tu..
ishh..akai xdak la dorg ne..huhuhu..