Thursday, April 8, 2010

Future Babeh!

Yup, I know we cannot see or predict the future...(i don't believe in nostradamus). But, it doesn't hurt to have future plans right? At least it gives us motivation to be industrious at present.

What would be your future career?
-Hmm...bini Dato'? Takpun permaisuri sultan ke... my dreams! Well, maybe I'll be working at the AG Chambers, hopefully, if I managed to impress them during the interviews. If not, a lawyer or a legal adviser. But honestly, I really wish to be a travel journalist. I like something that I can go around and not stick to one particular place the whole time...

What is/are your first thing to do upon graduating?
-Party la duh! Hahaha....but seriously...try to complete my chambering as soon as possible...then get a job...settle my car payment...and help my parents settling others...(baik kan aku? hahaha...sila abaikan ayat puji diri sendiri itu)

What would you house be?
-Rumah sebijik je...tak payah banyak-banyak..penat nanti...hehe...If possible, I'd like a double storey house. With a music room, a mini library, an entertainment room and big closet fill with pretty clothes and hot shoes and bags! haha...typical woman's needs...and oh...if possible, spiral stairs...hand a pool...hehe

What about life partners?
-erk! This is one tough question. far no candidates. So, can't really see how the future will be like. But still, if I had it my way I want a tall, dark and handsome gentleman to be my life partner. With the sweetest smile and twinkling eyes.Haha...and he'd be a science dude, not arts. And some talent in music and skills in IT would be lovely too. Saya buta IT! Hahaha...

See any little kids of yours in the future? funny question. Of course I do. But that is if I get married. Predicting kids is hard to do. Ni soal rezeki tak tau nak cakap macam mana. But I hope to have 4 little ones....dah prepare nama dah pun...hahahah....berangan lagi!

Will you be famous?
-Of course! As a human rights and environmental plus animal activist! Plan to join Peace Corps...the only problem is now I don't know how. Hope by getting into AG Chambers I'll figure out how. Thought of joining PAWS last a start...but...had to cancel..=(...lepas ni nak try attend Sisters In Islam Convention...En mama.. I need your guidance! hahaha

What will you look like?
-Hopefully not as skinny as I am now, Maybe I'll have a personal trainer to help me get shaped up. Tak pun makan je la jamu ke...weight gain ke...hehe

Will you still be remembered by your uni friends?
-Some will, some won't. Depends on them actually.

What car will you have?
-Hmm...not really an expert in this car subject. I see myself driving a cute mini cooper-like car..or a sleek one...ntah la...tak arif sangat...huhu

-What do you think of this survey?
-Firstly, I think it kills the boredom. Secondly, it's not really necessary to ask questions on things you don't know. Thirdly, least I feel good writing about my hopes and dreams. At least it boosts up my spirit to study, since the finals is around the corner.

Who else would you like to share this survey with?
-Cik Dila
-Cik Miemi
-Cik Zai
-Cik Jeswin (if she has a new blog)
-Cik Farah
-En.Shafiq (if he ever updates his blog)
-And everyone who reads it!!!!!!

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