Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sila Jangan Baca Kalau Anda Cepat Melenting!

First of all, forgive me for my lack of knowledge in this matter.

I just don't get it. I just don't get it at all

Why are there some people judge a woman by tudung?

Seriously. Why?

I'm not saying all, just 'some'.

These people seem to have a mindset that good girls wear tudung. Which means to say those who doesn't , are bad girls. I mean, what? I remembered this one friend of mine, Mr.M who saw a girl without tudung. She was sweet looking, behind the makeup and all, and she was wearing baby tee and skinny jeans. And he nonchalantly said, 'huih...sundal sial!'.

Excuse me, why must he said that? What right does he has to say a girl as a 'sundal' just because she is not wearing tudung? That is just one horrid way to say to a girl Nobody deserves such term.
It's very offensive. How certain are you that those wearing 'tudung' are all good and angelic?

Please do not judge a person by appearance.

Truth ism eve those wearing 'tudung' are not all wearing for the right purpose. Some wear it because being forced by family, some wear it for fashion, and some wear it in not a permanent basis. One day we see her wearing one, and the day next with the tudung! To me, that is just a hypocrite. Sure, everyone knows that tudung is complusory for all muslim women, but if pakai bukak pakai bukak, might as well don't wear it at all. That act only invites kutukan orang. Ada je pakai tudung tapi pakai short sleeves, ada je pakai tudung dedah leher. I'm not saying I'm flawless. Even I, despite wearing one, I did fail in fulfilling my obligation. I too, wear short sleeved t-shirt when going to the cafe or a grocery store nearby my house.

I may sound like I'm backing them. But I've been in both situation. Since little until I'm 18, I didn't wear tudung. It was only after I enrolled in PLKN that I started wearing for good. Now I've been wearing for 4 years. I remembered the first time I arrived at the camp, with my bob styled hair, they thought I was chinese. And when I told my dorm mate it was my first time wearing, they looked at me like I've committed the biggest sin ever. And that did not include the reaction I got when I said I went to Convent school. Sampai ada yang tanya 'ko sembahyang tak kat sekolah?

Yet, even now that I'm already wearing, there are still voices here and there criticizing my way of wearing it. Aku pakai tak tutup dada lah...aku pakai nampak leher...aku pakai kain tudung jarang...yada yada yada... The truth is, it's not the individual's problem. It's the society who never gets satisfied or is always finding our mistakes just to make us feel insecure. Or maybe they are the one feeling insecure. Haha...

In my opinion, I think it's more to the intention. Everyone knows covering aurat is wajib for women. Just as they know prayer and fasting is compulsory for every muslim. But we still see many who didn't follow. I once asked my family about this tudung issue. I didn't get the precise answer, but I got this one sentence isntead, 'nak pakai tudung pakailah, tapi pastikan amalan lain bersesuaian dengan apa kita tunjuk kat orang, kalau pakai tudung tapi tak sembahyang tak guna jugak, macam orang puasa tapi tak sembahyang,'. Come to think of it, there's a truth behind there somewhere. Kalau tutup semua tapi hakikatnya yang tiang agama tu pun tak buat what's the point? What's the point of building a roof if it cannot stand on broken pillars? It's going to fall eventually.

I know I sound like an ignorant person writing this, and I know I sound like I'm supporting them. But that is what I think. Rather than wearing it to please people and to avoid people saying bad thing about you, wouldn't it be better if we wear it because we sincerely want to? Of course, it is better to wear and at the same time preserve our well mannered attitude and ibadah, but who are we to judge other people's? Do we really know what the end result will be? Kita ni pun baik sangat ke nak kata orang tu silap? I think that to hell with what people think. As long as we have good intentions, if we fulfill our obligations, and we do thing for the sake of seeking blessings of Allah, then just contue on being yourself. Allah knows best in everything we do. When the time comes, it will come. Better to be yourself than a hypocrite.

Biar tak pakai tudung tapi hati bersih daripada pakai tudung tapi hati busuk, prasangka buruk and being judgmental pada orang lain. (NOTE TO SELF ALSO...HEH!)


Adila Ady said...

aku kalau orang pakai tudung nampak dada..tudung jarang..kadang2 terdetik jugak dalam hati,buat apalah pakai tudung camtu..time tu bila aku pakai tudung mengikut syariat last2 aku pun sama macam dorang..hehehehe.jgn kalau aku nampak orang tak pakai tudung,kena rasa jugak dalam hati benci dengan orang y tak pakai tudung..tu selemah2 iman.dah memang dia buat apa y tuhan larang..memang wajib benci.jd doa je la nnti dibukakkan hati untuk dia pakai tudung.

y aku tak puas hati sekrang ni pompuan pakai tudung tapi buat maksiat...curi tepon feni..hummphhh..marah betul.sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

MissA said...

betul sangat dah post ni..
nak tambah satu je...
kalau perempuan tu pakai tudung labuh pun, ada je mulut nak kutuk..
cakap even tudung labuh pun, ada je couple ke, ngumpat ke...

conclusion nye, kita pakai ke tak pakai, mulut manusia memang akan bercakap.
kita cari keredhaan Allah je..
baguslah u dah bertudung. org free hair nak pakai tudung, kena buat perlahan lahan. jgn semua nak rush. nanti last2 rasa terbeban, lepas tu tanggal balik..

thumbs up for this one