Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lovers and Limau

I cannot recall how many bijik limau have entered into my stomach eversince my arrival home to Ipoh. Thankfully, I haven't suffered from any sore throat yet. Speaking of that, poor dearest dad is losing his voice for eating too much limau and salted peanuts. Work adds an extra spice to the sore.

Today is the Chinese New Year celebration. Everywhere looks merry and bright with the red lanterns and crates of oranges and lion, tiger and dragon dances. It is a real celebration. Everyone is having a wonderful time enjoying the celebration. People of every race join along to make the celebration more meaningful and memorable. For a day, the world seems to be a happy and wonderful place to live.

Today too, is Valentine's Day. Yes, day for lovers to celebrate. Besides the oranges and the lanterns, there are heart shapes balloons, bouquets of roses, boxes of heart shaped chocolates and big valentine's day card. Everywhere we can see couples walking around, having a sweet moments together and enjoying every minute, every seconds that passed. For a single girl like me, Valentine's day is one day that is not in my calendar. I just don't celebrate Valentine's Day like most people do. Even back at the time when I once been in a relationship, we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day. For one thing is because we were separated. (long distance relationship la katakan). Another thing is that I don't find it necessary to celebrate. Perhaps my sort of thinking is a way different angle than others, but to me, everyday is special. Everyday we can celebrate with our loved one. Why must we choose one day to have an extra celebration with the person we love? If he or she is really special and meaningful to us, then we will be appreciating them everyday and will take every seconds that counts as special and be thankful for having the chance to be with our loved one by our side.

I remembered back in school days, we celebrated Valentine's Day. But in a different Convent-girl style. Some classes will be organizing a Request and we will send those request to our friends around the school. The request can be of anything; chocolates, lollipops, balloons, flowers and even coloured sands kept in cute glass bottles. There were also classes who organized requests to be sent to other school, the ones where the young cute boys were! And normally, that kind of requests are the ones that sell the most. I still remembered I wanted to send one chocolate request to my crush at that time, but due to my unknowing of what class he was in, the request remain unsent. It was a sweet memory though, and I still blushed at the thought of him. Wondered what he's doing now????

ok..ok...distraction! pull back! pull back!

Still, it doesn't mean that everyone who celebrates Valentines are not good people. I mean, we have our rights and our own way of showing our affection. Still, one important, vital thing to be kept in mind; LIMITS! Yes, LIMITS! You can be as hopelessly romantic as you want, you can write your lover's name in the clouds, you can declare the love in Hitz FM or Sinar FM or whatever radio station in Malaysia, but one thing must be kept in mind: DO NOT PERFORM! Abd perform here means not doing any acts that is only reserved for married couple. You people are old enough to understand, right? In easier words, don't have sex before marriage people. What good will it get? Sure, you might be above cloud nine, but a few months later you'd wished you are six feet under.

Remember most importantly, God and family. Their love is the utmost of all. Prior them first, before you want to prior others. If we hold firm on that principle, I'm sure the love will bloom its best as a new day approaches.

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