Monday, December 27, 2010

fear is a factor to me

People say what has passed remains as the past. When we think that our performance was not satisfactory, we will coax ourselves to not think about it anymore. Let bygones be bygones, they say.

In my capacity as a university student, those statements are what I normally said or heard from friends after we sat for the exams. However, even if I managed to clear out all those problems away, the history will come to haunt us again, and what is worse, it comes in the form of a result transcript!

I am feeling very terrified everytime I thought about how my results will turn out to be. I didn't perform really well for this semester's final exams. Hell, it's my worst! It was really bad! Everytime I thought about it, I fear that I will fail more than one subjects, and I am afraid the most unable to graduate. I don't want to extend, it'll more burden on my parents. And I'm sure they will be very upset and disappointed in me.

I don't think I have the courage to look at my results.

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