Sunday, December 26, 2010

Etes-vous l'un pour moi?

Dear boy,
I'm just a normal girl, with imperfect skin and I'm still dealing with so many issues with myself. My skin isn't like porcelain dolls you see being displayed in the mall, and it is not even close to those beautiful models you watch on tv. I'm still struggling with myself to be a better person, and if there is one hardest thing to do, it is to improve. I don't have a brilliant mind. I have to work hard to achieve good results so I can have a good promising future ahead. And so the stress and tensions is how I got the blemishes and the dark circles under my eyes.
So, if perfect's what you you're looking for, then clearly I am not the one for you. I'm human, and humans all have imperfections, including you. But it's an adventure, I am grateful with what that has been given and I don't want to be perfect because it will be boring.


che'ila said...

errr...apa masalah ni..?hehe

lily said...

hehe...tkde masalah pe...sje je nk tulis...lma x wat2! ;)