Sunday, February 13, 2011

saya sayanggggg

My baby sister!!! hehehe....macam kecik je kan bila tulis baby sister...padahal dah besarrrrr dah...haha...besar as in 21 years of age ok...not besar as in gemuk...haha yesss.....this post is as a reply to my sister's post. She writes about me..isk isk..terharu okay! Really am touched by what she wrote...If it wasn't for the fact that I read it in the computer lab, I would've cried buckets of tears! Taknak tunjuk nangis depan orang...maluuuuu... Who doesn't love their siblings? It's impossible not to love. Even if someone out there saying that they don't, there is somewhere very deep inside their heart that keeps the love for their siblings. They just don't want to look for it, or worse, refuse to give it. She's my only little sister...we share room together, we share things together, (although sometimes ungkit-ungkit jugak sapa banyak pakai barang sapa...=p), we share secrets and stories together too! Of course, we have our quarrels and arguments, but who doesn't? marah tanda sayang...kan? kan? kan? gedik.

I was soooooooo sad when she and my younger brother had to go to Egypt for their studies... Nangis giler-giler okay! Sedih oooo...because I cannot see her and go shopping or makan-makan with her as often as I used to have. Dah la time there was a present exchange time for law dinner committee, aku lak boleh pergi sembunyi and call my sister. Dia pun nangis sekali...huhu...sorry for making you sad...huhuhu

I am a difficult person when it comes to showing my feelings to the people that I deeply care about. That doesn't mean I don't care about them. Sometimes, I look really cold and emotionless, but deep down, I have thousands of words I want to tell, but just can't seem to find the way to say it. It is definitely a problem I'm yet to find solutions to it... So, here I'm going to say. I love my sister. So much!! Wholeheartedly...she's there when I have issues with my friends and with myself, things I don't find suitable to tell my parents, she'll be my best friends, and my best listener. She gives me motivation and encouragement when I don't have confidence in myself (which is something I'm really struggling with right now), and she'll be there when I need the strength and company.

I am sorry for all the offensive words and actions I ever did. I am sorry for all the troubles I caused you. Trust me, the last thing I ever want to do is to make you sad. I want you to always be happy and successful. Screw all those people who dislikes and hates you. They don't know who you really are; a beautiful person both in and out. I know that's who you are for sure. Don't ever feel that you're alone or being left out, because I'll be there. I will try my very best to be there. I pray for your health and success and happiness in life, and I pray that may all be made easy for you. But bear in mind, nothing comes easy. Trust yourself. Be confident. Stay motivated and focused, and believe in God. Insya Allah you will never go astray and will reach your goal. I'm always supporting you and I got your back. When you feel like you're lonely, remember that you have a family, and Allah S.W.T.

I love you forever...and all this also goes to my two younger brothers. Your big sister SAYANG you very very very much!

I'm not good in expressing myself, but I love you so much. God knows how much I love and how much I am so grateful to have you in my life! sayang awak!

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