Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cookies and cream!!!

This is a review post.

First time buat ni...hehe! I'm reviewing a lipbalm that I purchased last week. I meant to write a review about it earlier, but due to assignments and other engagements, I managed to do it only today...

Tada!!! Ini lah lipbalmnya....simple je kan? My Lip Stuff Cookies & Cream Natural Lip Balm. I bought this lipbalm online at this website. And when they say Natural Lip Balm, it really means NATURAL! which makes this as my favourite lip balm!!!!!

Here's the ingredients written on the lip balm:
-sunflower oil
-beeswax oil,
-cocoa butter
-sweet almond oil
-castor oil
-jojoba oil
-avocado oil
-aloe vera
-essential &/0r flavour oil

It is made in US and it is priced at RM12. A worth buy if you ask me, because not only it is at a reasonable price, it really works! It has a really smooth texture and glides easily upon application. And it's long lasting. Even if I forgot or didn't apply it for one day, my lips stay smooth and moist! No need for gloss because it has this glossy finish when I put it on...hahaha!

I bought Cookies and Cream because at that time of looking through the flavours, I was craving for some cookies! I like the smell of cookies and anything buttery,( before this, I used Palmer's cocoa butter lipbalm), so I decided to choose that flavour.

When I read the review of Cookies and Cream, many of the customers said that it reminded them of oreos. I don't know why, but the moment I smell it, I can only think of one: Famous Amos! Fresh baked Famous Amos cookies!!! favourite cookies...after my mom's homemeade ones that is...I love it so much I reapply it couples of time! I really enjoy the moist and smooth texture, along with the yummy scent of cookies! My lips never felt so soft and smell deliciously before...hehe...

I definitely recommend this lip balm to all! It's natural, it's reasonably priced, and it has over 500 flavours for you to choose! And it really WORKS!! I'm already thinking of buying a few more! It truly is a serious lip care with a fun flair!! =D


super-1 JR. said...

cak! cube teka sape?? hehe

lily said...

mls nk men teka-teka...huhu...mcm spek ko je anep...hahaha

super-1 JR. said...

hahaha...kantoi lak...