Thursday, January 13, 2011

sentap ke?

Ok, just because...

I smile a lot, I laugh every moment, I make jokes most of the times,

Does not mean that I don't have a tiny cell of annoyed, exasperated, angry, frustrated, or pissed off feelings inside me.

Hell, to tell the truth, I have those feelings a lot! I just don't show it to people. Because I thought nobody wants to see an angry or annoyed person and nobody likes to be with them in that situation. Kononnya I am being considerate towards those around me. Unfortunately, due to that, some people don't take me seriously and thought it is always alright with me if ever they said or did something that they knew will offend me. They'll be like 'oh don't worry, she aint getting mad...she never does!'

Most of the times, yeah, I act like it was no big deal, and that I will cool off in no time.
But there comes a time where I just have had enough!
No more of this effing crap!!
I'm tired of people fooling me around. No more jeopardizing myself after this.
Sure, sometimes it is fine to make sarcastic and lame jokes about me; my physique, my studies, my actions, my mistakes or whatever things you can think of.
But too much of it just makes me feel like slapping them and say it right to the face, 'that ain't fucking funny!'
I'm not amused or cool with it anymore. Just take those silly jokes somewhere else and do it on other people. But not me. Coz I don't want anymore of it.
I'm patient at most times...and that is one thing I like about myself. not take it for granted.
Do not try my patience...
I might do something that I'll regret and that can cost whatever relationship I have with the person...
And when I dislike a person, it'll highly unlikely for me to like them again as I used to.
I make jokes too...but I know my limits. I know which issue or what subjects that shouldn't be joked about.
Some people just don't get it.
Sarcasm or lame jokes are fine at most times...
But too much of it will make me feel so sick of it! Too much of it will make me damn annoyed, pissed off and hate it. A lot.
And I definitely will not miss it, because it's no longer funny.
It's insulting. And degrading.



che'ila said...

kalau aku pernah buat kau aku tak sengajalah...

betulla kan.kalau orang kutuk kita depan2,kita still bolh senyum bodoh bodoh gitu like nothing dalam hati tuhan je tahu sakit hatinya.

lily said...

dila: hehe.don't worry dila...stakat ni ko xde wat pape yg fact ak kot yg kena apologise sbb ak slalu wat lawak...and if any of those are offensive, ak mintak maaf. Post ni is a general one. Not intended kat sapa-sapa. Don't worry be happy =D