Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm engaged

with who, you asked?

Well...with civil and criminal procedures, evidence, professional practice, and jurisprudence!! won't they make good husbands??? =D
but wait...I forgot, no bigamy allowed...LOL!

Ok, that's just a lame prologue...LOL!
Hello, to all...whoever reading this...thanks a lot for visiting this humble blog of mine...
So sorry for not updating much, the uni where I currently am decided to not allow students to blog, slowing down the internet connection, hence failure for me to login and write a post here..hmph!

It's still the early month of the semester, and also of the year, but I've already felt the tense and the stress, no...not due to studies, but to some ridiculous rules that for me is just irrational to be implemented to! I refuse to talk much about it, had said and cursed quite a lot trying to keep a good girl image this year...huahuahua!!!

Many things have already taken place in the early month of the year too...hehehe...for some, it's developing and self improvement towards becoming a better person. For others is the discovery of a new side or a new character from a person we thought we knew so well about. And there are also those who have been bitten by the love bug! is in the air!!! and it's not even Valentine's yet! hehehehe!

As for me..well...I think I belong more to the first categrory...discovering and self improvement. It's my final semester now and I can already feel the heat of the hectic atmosphere derives from the adult, working world. Less rest, less fun, more work, more commitment and more money! (oopss....pls ignore the last one! haaa!!) I'm so near to leaving my not-so comfort zone and step into the world of reality..the REAL reality! hahaha....

Well, it's going to be really sad, leaving all my beloved friends, and it's going to be a real challenge to try and take charge of ourselves. All decisions, all actions, and all consequences will depend entirely on more asking parents...well, not totally, just less often asking for their opinions... It's going to be rough! ain't no sunny sunshine path anymore.

Storms and blizzards and even tornados might come and try to crash you, but in the end, it's the amount of perseverance, and spirit that determines whether or not we can reach the island, or in this case,our goal in life.

That is all... =)

p/s: pardon me if the metaphors I use are over the top...heh... =p

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