Saturday, January 1, 2011

east west home's best!


i had a great day today!

i think it's a pretty good start for a new year... =D

I went to meet my high school friends; Stefanie and Audrey...Shoba couldn't make it, so did Amy...=(
I was so excited when I saw them! We gave each other a great big hug and couldn't stop smiling!!
Anyways, we had such long hours of chatting! mainly on what's currently happening and reminiscing the good old days when we were highschool students...didn't realize how much i missed it until we were all sitting together and thinking about the same thing!!!
face it, i haven't seen them in ages...despite living in the same town, our uni seems to have different calendars when it comes to semester we really used the time well...i talked non stop till i almost lost my voice!! lol!

and then See Mun came, and doubled up the fun! we talked more than we ate! it seemed that our table was one of the noisiest there...talking, laughing, joking and taking as many pictures as we possibly could.

just as i thought it was one hell of a got better!!!
Rupi was back in Ipoh!!!!!!!!!!
I was sooooooo excited!!!! It has been 5 years!
the last time i saw her was when we went to pick our SPM results, and then I had to go for PLKN and we lost contact because she went to India for further studies...
I was with Audrey in Vincci helping her to choose what shoes to buy, and in walked Rupi and I immediately embraced her tight! really don't want to let go! and Rupi was crying!! tears of joy! then Stef and See Mun came and again the people in Vincci witnessed our 'Jejak Kasih' moments...
i cant say how happy i was to see my friends back again! all those great times come back to me, and i never felt so excited as this for a long time...

the day seems to go faster...
i planned to go to KL this the hope to see my ex-roomate when I was in UiTM, coz I didn't get to meet her last year and celebrate her birthday... =( hope that she'll be available...
and the girls will be in KL too! Audrey and Stef will be going back to UM, See Mun will be back to KL to her office, and Rupi will be going there as well to visit her relatives!!! I'm looking forward for another meet up!!

I bought some nice things for myself as well! Jusco tengah sale giler-giler! so apalagi...beli la benda yang selama ni aku nak! lol!

yessss!! everytime I go to a Mall, it is a MUST to visit the bookstore!! regardless of how small or big it is. So I bought this book because it mentioned at the synopsis that it is something similar to Pygmalion, which is one of my favourite! And I thought it would be interesting to read a modern version of Pygmalion. I've read a few pages already, and so far, I'm enjoying it! =)

Hehe! I'm beginning to prefer Seventeen to Cleo! One reason is that Cleo has many ads and it's kinda thick! And another silly reason is that I find Seventeen is more colourful than Cleo!

I finally got myself a powder brush! It's a normal one, which I bought from Guardian. I think it makes it easier for me to use it for my mineral face powder foundation.

And I finally got myself a nude colour lipstick!!!! It bought this at Guardian too! And it was on Sale!!!! I applied it when we went to buy dinner...and I love the colour at first sight!! It's from Revlon, Soft Nude code 070

So there you have it!!! How I spent my first day of the new year. I hope this year will bring more joy and success to me, my family, and my friends. Love them all to bits. Amin.


p/s: unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera when I went out with the girls...hope they won't forget to tag me in facebook...haha!

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