Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything New=Broke! blog is full of cobwebs! How long has it been empty and unattended??? hehe

Now, I'm in my final year in law. Apart from being happy for almost finishing up my studies, I'm actually worried. One main reason is because I still have no final say on what I decided to do with my life after studies. I don't know whether I should be a practising lawyer, or working at the AG Office or a legal advisor or a lecturer. Well, for one thing Chambering for 9 months is compulsory and is a no no for escape. And I have in my mind to do Syariah but that idea is still pending.

This new semester means there's new students coming in. And yeah, my college received new attendants. And I mean NEW a form of a human being known as Male. Yup, this once all girls students resident is now sharing with boys coming up and down the stairs and strolling along the hallway and walking nearby the girls block hoping to sneak a peek into their rooms....ahaks...that last one was totally made up. But anything can happen right? Haha... It feels SO weird! Less freedom to walk around with pyjamas to go to your friend's room at the block next door for fear of accidentally bumped into a boy classmate of yours...haih... There's this one dude, a junior I guess suddenly came up to me and nonchalantly said to me:


Oi! Selamba badak sumbu je dia cakap macam tu...That was totally unexpected!!! I don't even know him and he suddenly said like that. If that's the way of wanting to know people or to break the ice, then saying that I walk like a dude was the wrong way mister...WRONGGGGG WAYYYY....

And new semester means new books! I have to say this semester is perhaps the quickest semester for me to go broke! The books are just sooooo expensive!!!!!! In line with the subjects that are mostly dry and heavy...

The late Augustine Paul wrote this! Worth buying!

Professional Practice...Ravi Nekoo...hope this book can help me solve my dilemma...

Civil comment on this...yet.

Sempat lagi beli novel ni... The Portrait of A Lady...nice!

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