Friday, November 13, 2009

exam review plus lesson

for take note that the exam is not completely finished. Still have another paper to go...hehe..

the main issue here is on the exams done that has caused me brain to lose most of its screws and wires and also caused my heart to cry...(metaphorically..hee). On top of that, it caused me hours and hours of sleep, food eating disorder, and some delusions that made me as though like an insomnia person that cannot sleep at night although the body badly wants to.

The cause: Having 4 law papers consecutively! That to me, is MADNESS!!! I pa
y salute to those who managed to stabilize the pressure and not feeling anything but carefree all the time. As carefree and as cheerful as I am, this is one thing that really placed the utmost pressure on me. Seriously, even during Mooting competition, it wasn't as horrible as this. I was so dissatisfied with the way our exam schedules were made. Dear responsible authority who made the schedule...please ensure that you have taken at least one law paper before you decide to make all 4 exams in all 4 days thing for sure..u aint gonna like it...

All in all...I have to say that it was only on a satisfactory level. I know I could've done better...but its is useless using the 'if' word..coz it already happened. And pray as hard as you like, u aint gonna get the time back to improve your performance..hell n

The point that have to be taken...(this is one really good lesson to be remembered)...always..and I mean, ALWAYS be prepared for the unexpected. We aint no nostradam
us that people say can see the future. We aint have no freakin time machine like the young michael movie that we can travel back in time. We are humans, prone to mistakes, full with shortcomings that can destroy ourselves if we are paying too much attention to the two. Humans also have extraordinarily strong spirit, strength and specialty that can definitely help us if we know how to use it and most of all to appreciate it. Yeah...we may be have studied like a month earlier...but who knows what's gonna happen? We control our study planning, but we don't control the schedule. And suddenly BOOM! 4 days papers staright..and some worse..5 days straight! When that happens, even if we studied a year early, if we are not ready to accept any unexpected events, we are gonna face problems. Not by anybody else...but yourself.

This semester's exam has taught me that we cannot always be sure and assume that we are livng in comfort and in a safe zone. The world and f
ate, especially, knows when to make surprises. And when they do...thair surprise really works..and only those who can handle it wisely will not completely fall into the surprise trap. And that requires a strong heart, emotion and most of all, Faith. And do not take time for granted. We always treat time ignorantly when it approcahes..thinking that we are not in need for time at the moment. But when we are in dyer need for it, it is the time's turn to be ignorant to us and laughed their way upon realizing our sorry faces for not appreciating their presence earlier..

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