Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello. The name is Adiaz. Just Adiaz. Merely an ordinary person born into an ordinary but wonderful family and does everything ordinary every single day.
Adiaz is a soul...who hardly people noticed the existence. Adiaz owns no special skills, and is SOOO naive about fashion (which is SOOO unbelievable for an adolescent girl). Adiaz does not own a computer brain;that can store SOOO many things for a long time. Adiaz is clumsy, and sumtimes quite a ditzy person. And she does not have a complexion worth admired. Adiaz received many critcisms and many sorts of impression all the time, but as hurtful it may be, Adiaz never counter attack. Not because Adiaz is a coward (although adiaz thinks she is) but because she does not know how.
As pathetic as it sounds, that is the reality. Well, you know what they say, life isn't a bed of roses. Adiaz knows she is a pessimist, but she does try hard to be otherwise. But the hardest thing to do is to improve, and Adiaz is well aware of that. Adiaz also knows behind all those shortcomings, there are undiscovered specialty and talent God has given her. It is just the matter of time before Adiaz found them and use them for good.
Deep down, Adiaz felt special And this is why I created this blog. I want to share about how it feels to live in a world like Adiaz's. A world full with curiosity, uncertainty, and questions.Believe me, it is definitely not a good adventure. Adiaz is a difficult soul to understand. Even Adiaz doesn't understand herself most of the time. Adiaz is too weird to live. And it would be something to see how a weird people live their lives and to find out on their way of thinking about the world that evolve around them and inside themselves.
=Adiaz speaks...and at this time she felt like she's feeling something, but in the end, she feels...nothing.


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