Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pelik la ko ni minat music cmni...

I'm writing this while listening to Mio Nemico (My enemy), the theme song from The Cave of The Golden Rose. Remember that story??? It was so long time ago, when I was wearing dark blue pinafore and learning to ride a bike and started my piano lessons kind of time. Real nostalgic! I remembered how my siblings and I waited excitedly in front of the television waiting for the story to start. And we didn't let anyone touch the channel button! ( time tu kitorg masih belum ada tv yg pakai remote) hehe..... come to think of it now, it brings back smiles and sweet memory. Macam orang tak betul palk aku senyum sorang-sorang depan laptop!

Anyways...not just that song, I'm listening to Glee songs as well as some musical songs from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Yup, I'm crazy when it comes to musicals. Can't help it! Julie Andrews voice is superb! Lush and sweet! =)

Speaking of musicals, I remembered quite some time, a friend came up to me and asked this one question. Soalan yang bagi aku SENTAP gak la...the yellow ones are her dialogues

"Weh...ko ni pelik la..."
"Apsal? Apa aku buat?"
"Apsal ko minat sangat lagu-lagu koir, opera bagai ah? Bukan best pun. Boring kot aku dengar"
"Haha....bagi ko boring la..bagi aku lagu-lagu camtu best. Buat tenang hati aku...Favourite orang kan lain-lain"
"Oooo....kalau nak tenang hati apsal tak dengar lagu nasyid? lagu camtu ko tak minat lak. Lagu-lagu cmni gak ko pilih...mcm lagu gereja lak aku dengar"

Hahaha....I understood completely what this dear friend meant. Truth to be told, aku memang tak minat nasyid. And I always wondered why. Bukan aku tak pernah pikir sebab apa. Banyak kali kot. I tried to plant the interest, but in the end, after listening to it, I listened to West Side Story songs instead. Benda tu tak lama. I can spend a whole day repeating the same songs from the same musical story and never get tired of it...but it is a whole different story completely when it comes to other genres.

Seriously, memang aku agak sentap la ngan member aku ni. Tapi aku tak salahkan dia. In fact, I appreciate her honesty. Ye la...kawan dah lama sejak sekolah kot. And she knows me well. Time sekolah dia gak la yang melayan kerenah aku yang time tu tengah obses ngan the Phantom of The Opera and Chicago. Aku plak, in returning her favour have to layan kerenah dia yang gila AF time tu... Ahaks!

I don't have solid answers as to why I love these kind of music. But one thing I'm sure, I feel very at ease listening to it. It suits my soul. And I feel happy listening to it. I just cannot describe exactly how I feel but it's like I am in my own place... Faham-faham je la kan. Everyone will feel the same when having and listening to their favourite music. It's all about expressing yourself.

And maybe because all these songs reminded me of my happiest memory when I was in high school. And that was when I joined the choir club. There I can sing my heart out and nobody will judge you because everyone has their own version of voice. Plus, bila nyanyi ramai-ramai memang seronok time tu. Gelak ramai-ramai bila silap tune or silap lirik. Of course there's tension here and there but in the end of the day, everyone felt heavy to end the choir practice and go home. Aku time tu kalau boleh nak ponteng tuition semata-mata taknak miss practice.

So that's perhaps the answer. I like them because it reminds me of those memorable days in school where I'm with my friends enjoying being ourselves and didn't have to bother what other people think about us because at that time we know everyone is special in some way.

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