Saturday, June 11, 2011

the train back home.

Last Friday was a long day. And tiring as well.

At 6.00 p.m., I was feeling really happy. Finally, workdays are over and I was looking forward to the weekend. Normally, I go back home with my aunt. But since she was on leave at that time, I had to take the komuter train. Taking the komuter after office hour is not a nice, comfortable journey. I've taken the komuter many times and is familiar enough on which train to take to go to Kajang.

Unfortunately, that Friday, was not a normal journey. I think I was too excited to get back home that I didn't bother to check whether I hop on the right train. I got in safely, stood at the very end to avoid from falling and so that at least I can lean if not sitting. It was not until 3 stops that I realised that I was in the wrong train!! 3 stops!! sumpah blur giler!! The train was so packed like sardines, I was at the end, and I need to get out at the next stop. I started to think how am I going to get out? At that time I guess I have to be extra agressive. So, when the announcement said the train's stopping at Pantai Dalam station, I started walking towards the exit door, but it was so packed I was stuck halfway. T___T. Then when the door opened, dengan confidentnya, "TOLONG BAGI LALUAN SIKIT BOLEH? SAYA NAK KELUAR. TOLONG BAGI LALUAN. THANK YOU!"

Hahahahhaa....I can't believe I had to raise my voice in public so I can get out from there. I had to say that few times, because there were some passengers who refused to let us go out first. Talking about impatience. So, at Pantai Dalam, I had to wait for another komuter train to stop at KL Central, before I safely took the right train and reached Kajang. It was almost 9.00 p.m. and I was so exhausted. But at the same time, it was quite laughable. hahahaha! how could I be so careless?

Well, at least this is one of the many experience I will never forget. More to put inside my memory box! =D

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