Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Reading

I was on the way going back home in Ipoh when I received a text message from a friend of mine. She invited me to a Book Reading session tomorrow at Garden Villa. I was so excited because I hardly have the chance to attend a Book Reading and of course I RSVP 'yes' to her invitation!

Going back home...the journey was not fun. The bus was delayed for an hour and a half, and by the time I reached home it was already 1 a.m.! Didn't really get a good night sleep. Well, nevermind, seeing my parents and my brother is one great feeling. My brother just had his 'bersunat' or circumcision, and he can't really move around. haha! poor boy.

So at 11 a.m. I was on the way there. Here's the poster of the event
Was feeling excited!! and the place is really beautiful. Garden Villa 5, it has a nostalgic feel of it.

the info of it can be found here

It started quite late, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I even bought two novels; Teohlogy by the very own Patrick Teoh and Mea Culpa by Amirul Fakir, a collection of his essays. I love reading malay literature novels, rather than their normal love novels. No offence to the novel lovers. 

Poet laureate Haji Muhammad Salleh started first, reading his poems. For those who still remember the selected poems and short stories back in school; Si Tanggang's Homecoming, he's the writer. My favourite poem would be Surat Kepada Raja Siam tentang Durian. It was funny, classic and original. He read his poems both in Malay and English. Next, Patrick Teoh, reading his articles from his Teohlogy book. I think his session is the funniest, most lively and where I laughed the most. His articles are mostly true, mostly on what's happening in the country right now. He even wore  a T-shirt with the word 'I Love My Country but I Fear The Government'. I want that T-shirt!!! =D. After 10 minutes of refreshment break, we listened to Graham McEune, who lived in Ipoh before but currently residing in Singapore. He read some of his short stories compilation. It was wonderful to hear him read, especially with that pure British accent! He read 3 short stories, and my favourite would be the story where he went to the doctor because was worried of the smell of his urine was different and unusual. It turned out that it was due to the Petai that he ate when he was in Cameron Highland!!! lol! The final reader was Bernice Chauly, and she too read three of her short stories. 

It was fun to see how culture and everyday life can give a person inspirations and change their perspective in certain issues. I enjoyed every minute of it, every word, every gesture of the reader. We even took pictures with the reader and I had Patrick Teoh's autograph!!! Looking forward for any future book reading! but now  I'm looking and waiting for some book promotions! there are some novels that I want!! =D

p/s: there are some other pictures too! but will upload it later. Camera has no battery! >.<


Adila Sahaja said...

baca kau tulis pun memang nampak sangat FUN FUN FUN..(ala ala rebecca Black sikit..hehe).
t-shirt tu kau buat la satu..pergi suruh kedai print.

lily said...

hahaha! mmg best weh...cara diorg baca memang feeling sangat...tula, aku lupa tanya patrick teoh mana dia beli baju tu..hehe