Thursday, August 20, 2009


haha...first and foremost..i know its been ages since i write in this blog. I just don't have any idea what to write...not to mention having my hands tied with really busy schedule. Damn! This semester is hectic. And what makes it more hectic is when we are 'blessed' with this REALLY ''COOL'' lecturer who does practically nothing. Supposedly it should be fun, but no way...this lecturer is tough! I really have to always remind myself that this lecturer will be the one who will mark my exam paper. Better keep a low profile and don't ever press the button or you'll be sorry.hahah!

But actually, this semester is really happening. Many things have started to pop out and we know more people and their character as we continue on. I started violin lessons along with my 4 friends, but they took piano classes..huhu... And I became a fasilitator for the first time! Yay! I always think that being a facilitator is a hard thing to do. Well, it does! But the weird thing is, it comes with an enjoying package where we will never regret volunteering to be one. Haha! Not to mention seeing our pals falling into crushes and admirers and most probably the l.o.v.e word. It's kinda scary for me coz I have really bad experience in it, but I just love to see the happiness in my friends when they like a person. I felt that before and I know how blissful it feels. Good luck to all you lovebirds!

This semester too we face health problems. Particularly the infamous swine flu. I try not to say flu babi coz it sounds really rude. But who cares actually right? Haha! It doesn't really give anyone any benefits, except of course the one week sudden holidays due to the kuarantine the university had to do. I see many of my friends having fever and coughs and flu. And I have to say they really make us all worry. Because it will be difficult to catch up with lectures when they are unable to attend them, especially when the lecturers refuse to provide us with notes. That's the challenge being a senior student. The lecturers will expect us to find our own notes based on the course outline they've given. I just have one thing to say to them. Get well soon!!!!

All in all, I have to say this semester is the most challenging so far. Not only I struggle with keeping my studies on track, but also I am struggling for mental and emotional stability. I can be pretty sensitive all of a sudden and become cold and moody few seconds after that. This is not a character most of my friends are aware of. And since I'm more of a emotion rather than a thinker person, the most crucial and important part of all is to keep my emotion stable and not to be easily distracted with anything unnecessary. I must always remind myself to stay focus at one point at the moment, and that is none other than studies, studies, studies and some enjoyments along the way. Any personal feelings are not allowed to enter the zone! haha!

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