Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the colour purple

Today, my tumblr dashboard is decked in purple. A beautiful purple. And I kinda like it because purple is my favourite colour. I thought for quite a while the significance of the change from dark blue to purple...(nak kata birthday aku, lama lagi kot! =p), then I finally figured out what it is for.

The colour purple is to honour the youths who committed suicide due to the fact that they could not stand the abuse and sufferings they have of being gay, lesbian, transgender,...or in other words, different from most people in the world. These youths are taking their own lives at such a young age, and I have to say I am very sympathetic of them and their family, for having to lose a child, a brother or a sister in such a way.

Before I wish to say anything further, I would like to make something clear. I am against homosexuality. I am not okay with the idea of it. At all. For one major reason is that it is not only against law of nature, but also law of God. God created Adam to be with Hawa, and that union is what builds and brings out the global society that we have now. Perhaps some of you will say I'm a homophobic, a conservative or whatever, but I don't push away or discriminate or prejudice towards someone who is different from me.

I have friends who are lesbians, gays and also bisexuals, but I don't hate them. People tend to see the one worst thing in other people, instead of many beautiful things that they have inside. Why not we see that and embrace them as being who they are? I think it is their choice to be what they want to be...God never makes mistakes...and I deeply apologize for those who are offended by this post. Nevetheless, their choice do not deserve them any torment and abuse that they received everyday. Nobody deserves to feel bad and worthless. Even if you don't agree with their lifestyle, please respect and be tolerant. Nothing good ever comes out from hatred and anguish. It will just bring more harm than good. Tormenting them won't bring them straight, and the consequences of the negative acts they received is one thing that we should try to avoid. I love my gay and lesbians friends just like other friends. And sometimes, they turn out to be more understanding than others. When I'm with them I didn't think for a bit of them being different from me, and I didn't even think about the stand that I hold. All I think of that they are good friends, whom I always have fun talking and spending my times with.

Of course, that will make me look like a hypocrite. A total hypocrite. But the way I think, whenever they have problems, it's not about me, it's about them. And if a friend is what they need the most at that time, I'm more than willing and try to be the friend that they need. I don't mind being a hypocrite at that moment as long as my friend knows that he or she is not alone. Everyone deserves to feel wanted, loved and most of all respected. I think even if we oppose to it, don't give them a hard time, you never know in future when karma strikes. At that time, it will all be too late and you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

Love everyone despite their differences. Sometimes it is better to commit a little bad for greater good. If you refuse to do it due to religion or your personal principle you hold on to, then try and do it for the sake of humanity. Every human deserves to live in peace. And for those out there who are coming out, always bear in mind that somewhere in the world, there is someone who loves you. Keep a strong faith. It takes great courage to take your own lives, but it takes much greater courage to keep living.

*what I wrote is completely based on my personal opinion alone. I know most of the content will offend someone out there who read this, and for that I give you my most sincere apologies.


che'ila said...

peoples tend to be judgmental..padahal Allah saja yang patut menghukum..nice entry beb.

lily said...

yes that's true...sapa la kita nk melabel dan menghukum seseorg tu...we don't know what kind of life they're going through...and i don't think they deserve another bad treatment...kita boleh menasihat...dan terpulang kpd mereka nk berubah atau tak...

thanks dear... =)