Thursday, September 30, 2010


No, not that kind of sick...

no coughs, no flu, no fever, no pms or whatever....

just feeling sick.


for no reason why, this feeling suddenly came.

well, it's about time though...

lots of things....craps...shits (if i choose to write it out the way i feel right now)...happened and is happening...

perhaps when they happened, i was emotionless...didn't think of anything but to get it sorted out and be done with it.

now that it's coming back to me...i really feel so sick right now.

or in other words....

i'm just tired.

No, not exhausted

Tired...fed up...I'm done...that's enough...kind of tired.

sometimes when we thought things are going fine and going turns out to be something that the mind made up as a make us feel like everything's fine.

the mind lied. to its very own body.

nothing is EVER fine in the world.

though i always hear people say that the best way to live life is to think positive...deep down inside there's still doubt...

sometimes being too certain about something can cause bad ending....because that is the ending that is least expected.

when such event many of us can still stick to staying positive?

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